Wednesday, January 27, 2010


d oppurtunity was cool to be d part of spring fest.Initialy i was slight hesisting to spend money for d sake of enjoyment,somehow i jz convinced mamma for going der.
caught a train wid 4 frns wid general bogie ticket,bt entered in 2 sleeper compartment,2 hour journey was completed in no time.Der v arrived at d grand kgp reception thru d institute bus.first time experience of visiting an IIT ws super cool.V wer provided wid common rooms,matresses n blankets after registration.d daynext turned up to a chilling 1.begining wid rocking band performance ws cool enuf.den v wn 2 d singing comptition, by now i was totaly getting crazy of such a elegant atmosphere. d nx ws d fooding ,der also a exellency at d menial cost,hw gr8 naa.wen n NITian wll get 2 kno dat every kgpian is served daily wid such a nice meal,includin icecreams n cold drinks den any NITian will never feel ezi,d same ws d feel her also,Hwever dis ws d first point overwich i ws feeling sorry fr not bein n IITian.den wat ,nx v wen 2 audotariums,wat a beauty yaar,wat a gr8 place it was,can't d govt manage wid atleast 1 of sch audo at NIT'S also?wat gud wl it bring in gifting iit's wid 8 gud audos n NIT'S wid none.hey boys !2 share smthng privately wid u is dat,not only campus was beauty but beauty was in campus tooo, i thnk boys cn guess wat i m xactly talking abt,lot of lucious scens wer der in front of r eyes,nice to c sm hottie going notty notty.nxt take ws d DJ ,yaa v joined d madly dancin guys n gals on rockin songs.since i was unware abt d steps dat i shud take in dancing so dat ppls shud nt laugh at my dance, bt soon i got dat no 1 is going rite, jz dancing ws d biznes,hw crap it was was nt d matter ,wel it ws gr8 fun 2 move yor hips at d dancing floor. v wer all jollying r time. soon v wen fr dinner,no need 2 say it dat dinner ws also n xcellency.nxt was d big show of kailash kher .thru channels of tite security v sm hw managed wid a place in jnan ghosh stadium 2 view d show,kailasha came late,bt nvrmind d spirit of being in such a lively atmosphere ws keeping us in jollying mood . even wen v hv got no wrk den 2 v guys cud ezily fnd d bttr tim pass of watching d gals who wer dressed so as if dey came fr sm fashion show or wat.kailasha begin up slow ,i don kno wy dey called kailash ,yaar v all no it well hardly he sings some youth type rocking songs,
he even came up wid a devotional song devoted 2 sm god ,wat d sence dus it really makes in singings such tracks in youth fest.anyway no more comments fr kailasha.soon v gt out v all danced almost breaking d floors on song "allah k bande".den sm other songs also came gud,i mean v cud manage
wid dance on dem .hwever it ws crap 2 thnk dat wat steps probably u shud take wile dancing on bhakti tracks. hey hey ,ha ha ha.yaa yaa ,nx nx ws d chilling visit 2 clg campus buildings ,cn u all guess it , hw it feels wen any1 visits d clg thru wich he/she was not able to make thru. d clock ws ticking 12 by dis tym.all d events of d day wer ended , jz every road in campus ws bzi coz girlfrn boyfrn wer moving hand in hand ,every wer u cn site out d pair in wich d girl ws as beauty as aishwarya n boys wer as stupid as rajpal yadav. several tim i feel asking dose rajpal yadav's dat hw u got aishwarya trapped in yor net, it ws quite odd 2 see gals smoking suttas n drinking daru at road side,probably i cud hav also joined dem bt who was sure dat der bouncer type boyfrns wll nt mind my joining dem.gosh i m discussing alot abt glfrn byfrn naaa,shall i switch 2 r frder move it ws none my mistake u all kno well hw sorry dus a boy feels who is still single on seeing couples njoying in front of zh--ts wer at wat, i ws along wid 1 of my frn only,coz rest frns wer d lazyones who wen fr sleeping.i don kno hw cn 1 go fr sleeping wen atmosphere outside yor bed is hotter dan at d bed itself. i cud hav written more bad fr dose sleeping kings,bt i m fearing writing any frder bad of dem,coz dey wll surely go thru dis article,n after reading bad of dem dey gonna kick my ass.coming n rahul clicked photos here n der ,almost everywer.yaaa i rmmbr ,d most crazy thing of dat tym was dat 2 find kgpians cycling wid bags at d back,at almost 2 am .even harder 2 digest d fact dat girls were also cycling.To which hell wer dey going at dat tym,i cud hav remained puzzuled over dis question fr years,thnx 2 my frn anjani kumar who is a kgpian himself fr makin me understand dat dey wer probably going fr carrying out sm experiments in labs ,hw shocking naa dat sm geeks r never at rest ,means at 2 am dey go fr conducting xperiments.i don kno shall i salute or do shit fr dose ppls.u kno i ws feeling quite ashamed coz in past i hd missed lot of practicals b'coz of no reasons wich wer conducted in daytime at NIT. i wud hav probably swooned had i imagined picture of myself moving at 2 am fr xperiments.v tuk a lot of photos ,sm photos cud even capture hugging kissing scenes also,bt donwry girls i m not dat much bad 2 capture dose offensive scenes,my frn rahul tuk dose nw it ws past 3 o clock,nvrmind i ws having no prblm 2 move frdr n discover sm more adventurous thngs,bt fr d sake of my companion rahul i decided 2 cum back at hostle coz evry 1 can't go out wild like me 2 capture n live up dese feelful moments.

probably i cud hav discussed more bt d matter wud hav gone really long ,so i m leaving .anyway dat ws all abt 1st day at kgp,vry soon i 'll cum fr 2nd day discussion also .till den bye,thnx fr yor patience 2 go thru all dese ---------.1 more thng,yaa im waiting fr yor comments.